Bridge the Gaps

Within UX / UI Design


There’s huge benefits of a person that knows both sides of the spectrum and
fulfill gaps in processes and complexities… 

UX Experiences
User Interface & Visual Design
Problem Solving User Experiences
Human Centered Experiences

multi-disciplinary Creative

While Kyle is focused on user experiences, visual design, and branding, Kyle brings a unique blend of principles and outa the box tactics utilizing data and technology into every project. As he can break down complexities and pain points through various means into a simplified clean approach.

Kyle’s diversity of experiences over the course of his professional journey has enabled him in delivering fresh perspectives and solutions while knowing the tricks of the trade in production and deployment that only comes from the years sacrificed for the craft.


Abilities & Drive

  • Thrives on pushing boundaries
  • Achiever, Less Talk More action
  • Multi-Hat Wearing
  • Every problem is an opportunity
  • “Big-Picture” perspective
  • Estimate/Quote
  • Project Breakdowns
  • Meticulous
  • Possesses a growth mindset
  • Can develop and elevate brands
  • Integrate or build upon existing branding
  • Critical Thinker, Money Savers
  • Continuously learns and evaluates existing sites
  • Collaborate with Experience Architects & Engineers
  • CSS / Java Knowledge
  • Can be entrenched with International Teams
  • Can explain design rationale and sell decisions
  • Define Visual languages and design systems
  • Drive the design vision and strategy
  • Provide QA commentary
  • Firm Understanding devil in details


Design Specialties & Practices

Creating Design Solutions

Across multiple disciplines that are all personalized to your specific business, product or service

80% Planning 20% Design
Data + Design
Ideas Over Egos
Go the Extra Mile
Strive for Top Quality
Design w/growth in mind
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Position or Offering Various À La Carte Design Services

Quality Output

Full Timer


Focused within Product/Visual Design, UX/UI Lead Roles

Design & Technology



Roles: UX/UI Hybrid. UX Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer, Lead, Expert, Senior, Creative Director, Product Designer, Brand Specialist, & Digital /Graphic Designer