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Creative Powerhouse

Kyle's professional History

Highly creative and multitalented visual designer with extensive experiences with heuristic approach, gestalt principles, human centered designs interwoven within user interfaces has propelled Kyle through the last 6 years. Over the last few decades in total in design and technology realm has brought forth opportunities leading him in such roles; Jr Creative Director, Art Director, Digital Designer, and Leading Roles of UX/UI design experiences.

These combinations of experiences and professional growth carries a strong foundation in a unique set of design processes, principles, methods, and strategic thinking Kyle brings forth within any company, team, or project.

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Professional History

NEM Group

UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
Remote, UK ~ 2021 


Kyle was entrenched within UX/UI design in a series of projects to help explore and be apart of this opportunity of Nem’s establishing new management & companies direction. Wearing many hats in some of their projects such as:  project research, documentation, planning, product set ups with teams, UX, Visual exploratory, UI Direction, and a bit of couching other designers to fuel direction of new vision.

  • Helped with UX Planning, research, scope, setting up production, Jira documentation, Figma, & organization of projects; NFT Game project, websites, and wallet versions/phases
  • Directed/Lead Symbol’s redesign website in steering it in a good direction with our team.
  • Establishing typography, iconography, & color pallets for new branding direction.
  • Helped direct our team of designers with their exploratory artifacts
  • Established UX & Ground work in NFT Game & new site structures
  • My own creative exploratory in visual design in assisting the vision and directions
  • Worked with their community & members in supportive GRFX, UX/UI, blog design, consultation & etc…

Symbol Wallet, NFT & AI Project, Symbols Redesign / Direction

BBVA Open Platform

UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
Dallas, TX ~ 2017 – 2020


During the time at BBVA, Kyle has worked directly with CEO’s, Stakeholders/Owners, Product Owner, Project Management of Engineering on establishing a new partnership/branch of new digital business (NDB) selling the improved BBVA’s APIs for the US marketplace. Marketing to innovative Fintech companies while gearing these marketing platforms for chief operators and developers to be able to dive into these products and play within these APIs within the following environments; sandbox, pre-production, production, and going live.

Kyle lead design from bare-bones planning, scrums, establishing UX/UI brand libraries, product design, and CX/UX design to UI interfacing of public sites to private. Kyle has taken the inner workings of the BBVA KYC manual process and have turned it into a back-end tool for admins and the NDB client-side interface, bridging the gaps of alerts to admins, searches, reviewing documentation, and have been slowly working towards the auto process through their online framework in BBVA.

Kyle was able to bridge a lot of the gaps between business needs, communication between teams, to effective UX/UI solutions, alongside development and QA visual/user flows. While establishing branding guidelines styles – details, behaviors, functionality testing across the entire spectrum of our projects, and quality control.


Open Platform public & private websites and KYB/KYC Admin Tools for New digital business

Rockfish Digital

Senior Art Director
Frisco, Tx ~ 2015-2017


As a lead art director for Rockfish in branding, digital design, and marketing; Kyle was able to be a creative asset as a trusted part of people’s lives by creating products, services, and brands people love. Leading with creative direction, creative thinking, and drove constancy in branding, UI, and advertising across platforms and deliverables for the clients we served.


Metro PCS, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Mars, Coke, and Diet Coke.

Barclays Technology

UX/UI Hybrid Lead Designer
Allen, Tx ~ 2014 – 2015


As a lead UI designer working directly with stakeholders and upper management. Kyle was able to be throughout the creative process of planning, research & UX/UI for devices such as; iPhone, Android, iPad, tablets, and wearables (Apple watch & Android gear, Moto) for various projects across their banking services and products.

As other projects included Application design, Dashboards & Data design, infographics, Responsive/ Liquid & HTML 5 Design.  Helped team in supporting items such as; presentations and demos that helped improve operations, pitches, and revenue.


Barclays Swift Wearables, BPay Wearables, Barclays Cards, Premier Soccer Website, (x4)Financial Dashboards & Data Design UK/Egypt/Africa/USA, BMB iPad App, BMB iPhone, Tech Workbench/Tech All Stars along with supporting projects for other teams.

Lucid Industries

Owner / Creative Director
Tampa & St Petersburg, FL ~ 2002-2006 Freelance | 2010 – 2014 w/Employees


Kyle had the pleasure of having a small start-up that started as a contract/freelance and quickly grew to about 10-18 people over these years. Kyle drove this vehicle off the momentum in high-quality work in all areas of traditional marketing, online marketing, e-commerce, SEO, co-branding within the sports field of products and services on various levels. Offered a full array of design services and marketing materials for third party products, venders, agencies, studios, marketing companies, and local mid and small businesses within the area and out of state while positioning myself in the center of the design.


SkyHawke Technologies, SkyGolf, SkyCaddie, SkyPro, SkyCourse, Club SG, Oob Golf, SG Mobile, SwingLabs, Performance Brand, and Golfers Insider. Others included; Hepler Golf, Tathata Golf, New Marketing Lighthouse, Rocal Studios. Studio 419; Tampabay Buccaneers, Tampabay Lightning, and various other teams and for individual players.

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A few others that Kyle has designed for

UX / UI Design


Certified Scrum Master; Mountain Goat Richardson, TX
Bachelors in Design & Media Communication; International Academy of Design Tampa, FL
Associate of Applied Science in Digital Communications & Video Production: Tampa Technical Institute Tampa, FL
Awards & Mentions
  • 2019 | BBVA Excellence Award (BBVA APIs NDB – Open Platform / KYC Tools)
  • 2017 | BBVA Excellence Award (BBVA APIs and Fintech
  • 2016 | Barclays iWatch App Wonderful user experience on iWatch, Apple/ iTunes
  • 2015 | Publication Best Apple iWatch apps available at launch, Huffington Post

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